Four old ladies are still rockin' away.

This blog is dedicated to Freddie Mercury and uhm some other things

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These are the posters I did during the typography workshop ran by a wonderful indepedant creative director Zoe Bather. Really proud cause i worked with amazing people.

Anonymous asked: omg you're back

yes i am, not as active as I used to, but hey, im here! :D

Anonymous asked: Imagine Roger Taylor practicing on the drums. He sees you watching him and walks over to you, leaning down to whisper in your ear "there's more I can do with these sticks" as he uses one to lift your shirt.



Anonymous asked: I love you stranger

We’re not strangers.

"We’re one big family"

5cm dilated. My pillow is going into labour!!! #proudgranny


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Ted Baron, 1954


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)


Freddie  Mercury enjoying a cup of tea during an interview in Japan, 1979.
Photo by Koh Hasebe

gnr-paradise asked: post/76562879094/nothing-really-matters-anyone-can-see-nothing Heey, do you have used some psd or efect in this edit??

Hey, Yes I have but I didn’t use one but a couple I guess. Unfortunately that was such a long time ago and I’ve lost all of my psd’s so there’s no way I’ll be able to help you with this one, sorry :(